Joey Purp Returns with QUARTERTHING


“I need a moment, I need atonement, it’s more than music.”

Friday was a big day for Chicago releases, along with Tomorrow from The O’My’s,  we also got a new LP from Joey Purp. QUARTERTHING is Purp’s first full length release since his 2016 banger, iiidrops, and comes just in time to ride out the summer and welcome in hoodie weather. On QUARTERTHING, Purp provides hip hop heads plenty of reasons to don said hoodie and pull it tight. Records like “Godbody 2” featuring Rza, “2012”, and “24K Gold/Sanctified” more than provide quotable lyrics, vivid storytelling and passionate delivery that has made Purp a favorite in such circles. Purp also continues the vibe of party tracks like his jam, “Girls @” with joints like “Elastic”, “Hallelujah”, and pays homage to house most explicitly with “Aw Sh*t!”.

It’s too basic and simple though to categorize the tracklist as either or. Purp has grown in and out of music since iiidrops, and QUARTERTHING has Purp flexing his pen game and song making. The album is fun, yet serious, has bangers and contemplation – perhaps best demonstrated on “Karl Malone”.

After my first couple listens, it seems like duality is a running theme throughout the LP. The beautiful, the ugly, and the shit too confusing to classify as either.

Push play on QUARTERTHING below.