The Fresh Air tour hit the Windy City last night, as Toki Wright, BK One, Evidence, and Brother Ali all performed at the Metro.  Evidence took the stage right before Ali and warmed the crowd up just right.  His set included songs from The Weatherman LP, The Layover EP, as well as a medley of Dilated Peoples’ material.  Evidence interacted very well with the crowd, and also performed a new freestyle about “pro” and “con” prefixes.  I was in the house to catch some footage.  Hit the jump to see Evidence perform “Solitary Confinement”, “The Cold Weather Report” and “This Way/Back Again”.  

*Sidenote, we were supposed to interview Evidence, but the Brother Ali interview lasted more than 40 minutes and he took up all our tape…  It’s dope though.  Sorry Ev.

“Solitary Confinement”


“The Cold Weather”

“This Way”/”Back Again”