Kanye West

Kanye West is featured in the new Vanity Fair.  He talked to the magazine about his new Rosewood Movement, how his mother’s death has inspired him to be a better person, as well as the direction he would like to take Hip Hop on his new album.

“I wanted to take it back to the essence, like the soulful people who brought knowledge—like RZA and Q-Tip. At a certain point, you need to find a better way to do it; it’s like people [in basketball] who dunk and hurt their wrist and come down on their knees too hard. Your knee’s gonna give out at a certain point. Some of my social and public-persona knees are starting to give out. I still want to run the games. I’ve just got to not get kicked up quite as hard.”

I think that’s dope.  One line that has always stuck with me is one Kanye said on College Dropout, “When guys want the feeling of A Tribe Called Quest, and all they got left is this guy called West.”  Who’s got the Jazz?

Read the full interview here.