Khary Confronts Peer Pressure On “Fuck Simon”

Khary is back with a new single called “Fuck Simon” following up last month’s “Peppermint”. The song confronts the peer pressures by embodying them into Simon – a play on the game Simon Says – and showing all of the ways that Simon can push you in the wrong direction. He takes it in a more personal direction saying, “I feel like we all have a “Simon” telling us what to do or think at a certain point in our lives. This song is about me confronting that feeling of FOMO or peer pressure. I’ve spent a lot of my 20s at bars and indulging in all types of things that after a while felt stupid because as much as we like to think we’re in control often we are not. I think you find peace when you are able to silence that voice. Fuck Simon.”

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Check out the video for “Fuck Simon”.

“Fuck Simon” is out on all streaming platforms. 

Stephen Kaplan