Kipp Stone Drops New Video and Debut LP Release Date

Kipp Stone recently posted on Instagram that his music is meant for listeners that enjoy digging into the lyrics, finding double-meanings, and rewind songs over and over again. It’s a great admission, and comes with Kipp’s understanding that it is not for everyone. If that does apply to you though, get excited because Kipp is dropping his debut LP, Dirty Face Angel on 12/8.

This long awaited LP has been in the works for two years and will feature artists such as Niia, Nuke Franklin and V’Ari. The project as a whole is produced by Blockhead Johnny and Mr. Anderson, Cleveland natives along with Kipp. The LP is expected to deliver a 360 degree perspective of his beloved neighborhood and community.

We can already see this viewpoint in his latest video for “Vacation”. The video opens up with a wide shot of a city block, showcasing the houses reminiscent to Cleveland. Kipp is perched on the back of a pickup truck as the drone camera pans between him, the road, and the passing environment around him. It ends with a sun soaked scene of Kipp and his friend fishing on a lake, all while his supposed girlfriend angrily waits for him to text her back.

Throughout the song, Kipp throws a lot of references to his neighborhood as well as his desire for a break from the daily turbulences of life. In “Vacation”, Kipp raps, “I wish peace of mind was contagious”. More details on Kipp’s viewpoint from East Cleveland is expected to be laid out in his forthcoming album.

Get a sneak peek of the track list below, and pre-order the album on iTunes or Amazon.

Dirty Face Angel Track List:

  1. Dirty Face Angel ft. V’Ari
  2. Celebration
  3. We Back
  4. 7 Dayz
  5. Millions Billions Thousands
  6. Wishful Thinking
  7. Megatron ft. Nuke Franklin
  8. High Road ft. Niia
  9. Shoebox
  10. Always Love
  11. Vacation
  12. Small Things

Annie Kane