Kosha Dillz

People were all talking about Jay-Z’s performance at Summer Jam, but for Kosha Dillz, the highlight of the festival came much earlier when he picked up a promo deal with Duck Down Records after killing emcees in their sponsored battle.  It’s just another block in the long road that has been Kosha’s career thus far.  Never afraid of hard work, long hours, longer road trips, and crashing on your sofa, Kosha Dillz has been a true DIY musician.  He also doubles as a writer, and has been solidly contributing to RubyHornet since we first linked up at SXSW 2008.  Both parties have grown considerably since then, and we caught up with Mr. Dillz to talk about progress, the Duck Down deal, and why writing for RubyHornet is a smart career move.  Check it out below.

RubyHornet:  How’s life post Summer Jam?

Kosha Dillz:  It’s amazing. The battle has done wonders for me and really set me up to push myself as a champion in a game that is very hard to win at on a consistent basis. I also just sawed of Crazy Legs’ (of Rocksteady Crew) leg in a video for Black Skeptik the other day. It was my debut as an actor.

RubyHornet:  Does this mean you’re too big for RH, or will we continue to see your Fill In The Blank First Looks?

Kosha Dillz:  Nope. I just did a new one with Fresh Daily and I still enjoy writing. I am full circle.  People don’t know me that well to say I only want him to perform. Writing is a passion of mine and i hope I can contribute some of me to the world of music in anyway, shape, or form that I can, whether it be writing or rhyming or public speaking to schools or what have you.

RubyHornet:  More money, more problems…have you seen both yet?

Kosha Dillz:  The more income you make off music, the higher the bar is set. I am at a point where I don’t do everything anymore. The problems I receive because of success is not something to complain about. If we all put our problems in a circle, I would surely take all mine back in comparison to others.
RubyHornet:  How does one stay kosher while traveling on the road doing Hip Hop shows, especially in small towns in Iowa, North Dakota, Omaha…I’m guessing there aren’t too many Best Kosher’s (RIP) around.

Kosha Dillz:  Ironically the largest kosher meat plant was out in a town called Postsville, Iowa.  Once you are on the road for a long time, you can see that convenience stores have lots of items with “K’s” on them, and the meats are really sort of funky so it’s not that bad of a choice anyways. Me being a vegetarian on the road is always a plus, and makes life easier. After seeing some of that stuff, you might become one too!

  So Duck Down hosted the battle to see who would get a record deal, were there other notable artists that participated that we would know of?  It would seem like you’re too big to compete, being that you’ve already released some fairly successful projects.

Kosha Dillz:  Battling is another level of the fight. It’s right here, right now. I won 3 battles in Jersey City in the hood. I was not the Jewish cat, I was the “white boy” no one knew. They know Jadakiss and Young Jeezy. They move bricks and packs. And honestly, I have done all that in a past life as well that was very foolish, so I can adapt in any situation and move as many crowds as any Hip Hop head has ever seen. Once I got in to the finals and got through all the hometown people, I knew I could win on a big stage because I have big stage experience. Freestyle vs Written with C Rayz Walz is a true reason why I became so good at freestyling. Freestyling at my live show is so often a necessity for my survival on the road, when it came crunch time, I ate up these emcees. These were mostly unsigned artists trying to get a deal. I think I won 6 battles by the end, and really impressed Buckshot, Torae, and Shucky on the way I brought it in the clutch.

RubyHornet:  You do so much on your own, what will DuckDown be able to provide, what’s the purpose for you to sign this deal?
Kosha Dillz:  Well, it’s a promotional deal that gets me on a track with Buckshot, and it already has lead to other things. The promo on me winning the battle has already booked me shows in Oklahoma for my “Fun In The Sun” tour that starts this weekend. When I won the qualifier rounds in Jersey City, I decided to skip the flight I had to Arkansas to play with Matisyahu at Wakarusa Festival. That weekend, I won. Last two days I played with Matisyahu in front of over 6,500 people in two days and stage dived twice in Philly (one time I was dropped literally-FAIL) and amazed a lot of people. Right now I’m hot and I’m trying as much as I can. Maybe promotional deals will turn in to more, and I have certainly impressed myself. I think that each situation you create for yourself also depends on the way you interact with people, so I try to remain humble and count the blessings I receive on the daily.

RubyHornet:  Naledge also writes for RH and is signed to Duck Down.  You wrote for RH and now are signed to Duck Down, it seems writing for RubyHornet is a great career move for a rapper, agree or disagree?
Kosha Dillz:  I really like the fact that Naledge writes. He is a very successful artist, but utilizes the tool to write. Man, it keeps you sharp. He can probably write for anyone he wants with his accolades, but chooses to rep for Rubyhornet. When you take a step back to see how much y’all have grown since the 2008 SXSW, I’m happy I got aboard over there. Fill in the blank interviews are so much fun, and I was really excited when Melanie Fiona was all over Hot 97 radio and I was like…’Hey I interviewed her!’

  Tell us what’s next for Kosha Dillz.

Kosha Dillz:  Well basically I leave tomorrow for LA with Black Skeptik and Akream for the “Fun In The Sun” tour dates. I have a single dropping with Coalmine (shout to matt diamond) and got a record buzzin on the charts called “Cellular Phone” for my upcoming album Beverly Dillz, a sample free uptempo  soundscape produced entirely by Belief.
If you don’t already kow, I have an album out currently with C Rayz Walz called Freestyle vs. Written  and I am just gonna give you my  all out there so I can continue to help change lives like I have been doing. I truly believe in the process of the grind and that if you work hard, dreams come true.  I was never picturing myself to have the highlight of my career change on a weekly basis, and recently it’s been happening.  Check www.koshadillzworld.com to stay tuned for constant updates, tour news, shows and festival happenings.