LA VanGogh Brings Perspective On Everything Is Subjective: Episode 2

In 2017 L.A. VanGogh put out Everything Is Subjective: Episode 1, a debut project that shows an artist grappling with his anxieties in different ways. It manifested itself as a need to be successful on “When I Get Rich”, but on “Be Careful” it’s actually his anxiety which he gets around with “Escapism”. Where Everything Is Subjective: Episode 1 is an intimate exploration of self as if L.A. is taking the listener on a tour through his thoughts, Episode 2 is the glow-up. Over the last year L.A. VanGogh has been a vocal advocate of meditation and self-healing through therapy and open conversation and you can hear its effects in the album.

Everything Is Subjective: Episode 2 is confident and cool, defined by vibed-out beats and harmonically layered vocals (even on the verse at times). It’s a self aware project with each song leading into the next effortlessly. Tracks like “Cause” and “& Effect” are a back to back exploration of sexuality and love with a ton of different perspectives packed in. VanGogh says this about “Cause” – “This song is about love. 2 different perspectives using similar parameters of diction. The song is dedicated to a loved one. The key of the song is even the first letter of her name. Yes, that was intentional. :)” L.A. VanGogh shows his creativity on “Wants & Needs” starts off talking about student loans as if they are a relationship with a person.

The 8 track album flows smoothly and VanGogh uses vocal effects and features from Femdot, Sherren Olivia, Wax Roof, Nosidam and more incredible artists to keep the multiplicity of perspectives as the main focus of the project overall. Check it out below.

L.A. VanGogh will be performing at Lincoln Hall with Femdot and Shawnee Dez on December 21st. Get your tickets here.

Stephen Kaplan