[Through My Lens] Femme Marinett

Photos by AngieStar Photo

In inspiration of the infamous literary archetype “femme fatale”, a mysterious and sultry woman who charms her lovers into compromising or dangerous situations, we created a seductive photo set I’ve titled Femme Marinett. In collaboration with talented make up artist Marie Antoinette, and our ever so seductive model Marinett Santiago, we went with a dark yet sexy wardrobe, and shot at an unlikely setting, behind a rehabbed old warehouse, to bring together the whole look.

In editing, I went even further and slightly unsaturated the photos, to emphasize a dark and mysterious vibe to Marinett’s sexy and seductive appeal. All in all, the fully feminine collaboration proved a success and the photos are just as alluring as the character inspiration. Take a look at the following photos from our fun and very sensuous photo shoot, and find more here. Also be sure to check out my page on Facebook as we will be collaborating again very soon.

Angela E. Mejia

Angela is a photographer/photojournalist/visionary raised in the mean streets of Chicago. Since 2008, she's covered everything from concerts for underground and mainstream artists, to food editorial, to just about every type of photography you can think of. Other interests include traveling, anything artsy, Chicago sports, and eating tacos.

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