[Through My Lens] A Journey Through the Coast of Big Sur

Photos by AngieStar Photo

The USA Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) is perhaps America’s most dramatic scenic drive. And along this coast is a region called Big Sur that lies along the Central Coast of California, and renowned as one of the best of scenics drives in the whole world. As someone who has road tripped through a good portion of the country already, I made it my mission to take a journey through the coast of Big Sur to see for myself.

I started my drive from Los Angeles just before sunrise, so I would have perfect daylight by the time I reached Big Sur. Immediately, I was taken into the high coastal cliffs, following each twist and turn there is along the Pacific Ocean. With the perfect California breeze into my open windows of the car, while listening to a perfectly timed music playlist, I was awestruck. And just when I thought scenery couldn’t get any more amazing, I found myself in Big Sur. To me, the area is more of an experience than a tangible place. There are no stop lights, or shopping centers, just 90 miles of driving along a narrow two-lane highway with breathtaking view points and campsites. The wildlife is a whole other aspect of Big Sur as one of your first stops is on the beach at Piedras Blancas in southern Big Sur near San Simeon to see hundreds on Elephant Seals in their natural habitat. Then with the abundance it birds and forest animals, every one of your senses are heightened with all the combined elements of life.

Here are some of the photos I captured, and what makes me want to back. If anything is taken from this, it should be to take a trip to Big Sur; it’s worth it.



Angela E. Mejia

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