Listen to Curtis Roach’s new mixtape Highly Caffeinated

“got sick of class, and started making classics.”

Detroit has a long line of great emcees, and those rappers always tend to come with cadences and patterns all their own. From Royce, to Black Milk, Guilty Simpson etc… they all very identifiable voices. A couple weeks ago, I found another Detroit emcee enter into my consciousness – 18 year-old Curtis Roach. While I don’t know if Curtis has ever hit the stage at the Shelter, I have feeling if he did, he would fit right in. With jazzy production, and relatable bars, Roach hits the sweet spot for my crates. His video for “Extra Fries” has the rah rah of a 90’s video that will get you all up in the nostalgic feels. Roach’s “shiny new backpack” appeal is all over his debut mixtape, Highly Caffeinated, which released about a month ago, and deserves repeatable listens.

You can stream  it below, as well as peep the video for “Extra Fries”. Look for much much more from Curtis Roach on RH.