Listen to Mother Nature’s New Single, “Antidote”

Chicago-based duo, Mother Nature, released their latest stand-out single, “Antidote” on March 16th.  And what a timely release this is when the world is under panic and quarantine from the growing pandemic that is COVID-19. On the track, TRUTH and Klevah share equal parts in rewriting their narrative for 2020 and beyond. 

“Rollin’ through the city lookin’ for the antidote,” is the recurring phrase that centers the track throughout the smooth and futuristic production. 

Immediately, there’s a sense of vulnerability and soul-searching that is present in the lyrics: “We can build the world or we can sit here blind / But time don’t wait for fear / Told y’all this our year.” These bars particularly resonate with the ongoing tumultuous atmosphere in America. Despite our fears, “Antidote” begs us to step up to our adversaries and make changes for the community. The verse ends with “Our children need more than dollars and cents,” a line that speaks volumes about where our priorities are. Mother Nature is additionally known to be socially and politically aware as the founders of The Miseducation of Hip Hop, an organization that strives to uplift and empower Chicago youth through their expression in music and Hip Hop culture. 

“Antidote” is a heavy dose of what you need to hear this week to ease your mind. Now more than ever, you’ve got to support your local artists, and this track tells a hopeful and reflective story of both opportunity and struggle. Stream via the platform of your choice below. 

Antidote by Mother Nature