Listen to “suninmyeyes” the debut single from Noah Chris

by Allison Lapinski

Noah Chris has been writing his own songs and sporadically releasing music through Soundcloud since he was 16.  Today, the 21 year-old took a big step forward, and released his first official single via Closed Sessions, the smooth and syrupy, “suninmyeyes”. 

The song has elements of R&B and Hip Hop, tinged with acoustic and pop undertones and “suninmyeyes” is an introspective window into his relationship with himself. The lyrics cut straight to the heart, as he belts “I used to think you were the reason why  / I still think that you’re the reason why… I can’t move on.”

Backed by an infectious and sultry bass line, the song narrates the difficulty of leaving some memories behind to renew oneself. 

While Noah started writing, recording, and releasing music in high school, it’s been a minute since he put anything out. The 21 year-old said, “Most of my music is on Soundcloud and all of those songs are from high school. After high school, I took 3 years off from music and I never really came back to it. Then when I came back to it, I was kind of a different person from high school, you know.”

“suninmyeyes” confronts that growth directly. Noah told us that the record is “about a different version of myself that is searching for love from someone who will never love me back. Ultimately it’s all about loving yourself and the different versions you have of yourself.” Drawing off the namesake of the song, the musician expresses the optimism of self-discovery, which can be both a painful and clarifying experience. 

Originally from Detroit, Noah spent much of his childhood in Evanston and is extremely involved in the Chicago community. He got involved with the Louder Than A Bomb youth poetry scene at Evanston Township High School. Noah also performed regularly at Chance The Rapper’s “Open Mike” poetry series, and in 2019 took part in a collaboration between AT&T and Social Works centered around the negative image of Chicago often portrayed by the media.

Noah explained that “a lot of people see Chicago as a violent place, and it is that, but it is also a vibrant and great place to live. I just really think it was cool to be a part of that changing of the narrative.” 

Noah is currently working on an EP with producer Timmy V, who also produced “suninmyeyes” and is one of Noah’s best friends. That relationship outside of the studio can be heard on this record. Check out “suninmyeyes” below and look for more from Noah in the future.