Loren Hits Restart On New Project – Fake Deep

If you’ve been following Chicago Hip Hop the last few years, then you know Loren, although you may know him as Logan, a bubbling emcee from the city’s southside. Many artists reinvent themselves, some as regularly as every album cycle. While changing clothes, image and sounds present their own unique challenges, changing one’s name is a whole other challenge. Yet, that is what we have for Loren, who made such a move out of necessity.
Speaking exclusively to rubyhornet, Loren says, “I just wanna find who I really am. That’s why I’m dropping so much music and working so hard, it’s therapeutic and helping me along the way. Loren is my real name & it’s who I always been. I’m just ready for a new chapter in life. I’m just having fun and figuring out life. I’m in the studio right now wrapping up my next project, I feel locked in. I know it’s cliche but I feel like my time is coming.”
Fake Deep is produced entirely by FLIGHT and the majority of the content centers around Loren, finding himself and his place in music – a spot he feels that he’s held down for years with or without the formal recognition. There is a further sense of comfort as well present throughout the project. Loren is finally letting go of the music as he sees fit, not as others may believe. He spoke further on the music, especially the album’s opener, “RIPLogan”.
“It’s basically me reflecting then looking at the now & then the future. It’s also like an official end to “Logan” almost like a funeral in a sense,” he says.
Stream the full project below, including Loren’s favorite track, “Slumdog Miracle”. He told us, “It’s basically about my decision to dropout of high school and chase a dream. The 1st verse is mostly a metaphor bouncing back & forth between a school and my block. It’s been my favorite song since I made it, the overall vibe of the record is ridiculous to me.”