Visitors from the west reminded me how much I miss the shopping of Los Angeles. Rodeo, Melrose, La brea, and Robertson are only a start to all the goodies you will find in this massive town. Providing a mixture of well known designers and the next in up and coming labels and brands, there is something for everyone. With all the clothes in this city, it’s no wonder celebrities always look so good.

Fred Segal

Fred Segal- 420 Broadway- In 1958, Fred Segal set out to create a home for new labels and designers. Succeeding he took boutique shopping to heavenly heights, with cutting edge apparel available for both men and women, the stylish staff will help with any needs. MM6, Sunshine and Shadow, Gary Graham, Inhabit, and Coast are just a few of the designers that you will find in stock.

Supreme- 439 N. Fairfax Ave.-
A huge skate bowl right behind the cash register, is what you might first love, but this sneaker spot has loads to offer. Sneakers, hoodies, tees, and denim come in a range of styles and fits. The bright colors and relaxed vibe will make you want to post up here all day.

American Rag- 150 S. La Brea-
  A fun environment to shop in, this trendy store has one of a kind pieces from labels we love. The denim bar is to die for, Current Elliot, Double RL, Stitch are just a few of the 80 different brands. The selection of shoes also seems to go on forever, making this store a great place to build your wardrobe, but is also an easy spot to go broke.


Turntable Lab- 424 N. Fairfax Ave-
A place that any music head would find cool, there is a mixture of clothing, sneakers, music (vinyl/cd) and of course DJ equipment. Run by actual musicians and DJs, the wealth of knowledge seems to be endless. Organized and clean, it is easy to navigate through the assortment of music from all different genres. If you can’t make it to LA, still check out their site:

Lisa Kline

Lisa Kline- 7207 Robertson Blvd- A favorite of celebs, this boutique is a fantastic place to shop. The small store carries clothing that the girlie girls love, and keeps them hip to the next big look. Shopping here will make you feel like you have a personal shopper, the sales staff knows the clothing and what will look just right. On the expensive side, this is a great place to buy that very special dress.

Brooklyn Projects- 459 N. Fairfax- Yes, this store does carry everything that a skate head would want and need. Several brands, lots of skate boards, wheels and trucks line the walls. The clothes compliment any skate style, and the vibe keeps the kids coming back.

Flight Club- Here in Chicago we have Leaders and St. Alfreds, in L.A. they have Flight Club. Buyers do a phenomenal job at selecting the dopest sneakers money can buy. You have to have your head in the game to snatch up the newest in Nike Jordans, Dunks, and Air Force 1s merchandise goes quickly in a bidding process. Worth the money and the wait, collectible goods you cop here will last you a life time, or until the next sneaker hits the store.