This weekend we shot a music video for “Natural High” off our recently released LP, Closed Sessions: ATX.  During the video shoot, I met a lot of up and coming artists that rolled through with Mic Terror, Hollywood Holt, and DJ Mano.  One such up and comer is Julian Malone aka Major, who sent over his recently completed debut The Mind and Moods of Ju.  The album represents a solitary effort of 17 tracks created during the course of a year.  I’m always somewhat skeptical when being approached with new music from virtually unknown or proven artists, but Ju’s first effort is certainly well done and displays plenty of potential for years to come.  The music is what the title suggests, honest expressions over mellow production that is zone out ready.  It’s good to give the young kids a chance, and you can listen to The Mind & Moods of Ju after the jump.


Major: The Mind & Moods of Ju by JuMalone