Malice of Alice Photo Series Unites Adoptive Mother with Daughter Through Cosplay

Photos by Kelly Lewis.

Cosplay is a wondrous thing. It allows fans to embrace and express their interests in creative ways. Cosplay (or fandom in general) allows people to make new friends at conventions, on online forums, message boards, etc. And, of course, there’s the inherent fun in seeing people dressed up in public; for example, take a look at my cosplay photos from Chicago Comics and Electronic Expo 2014 and New York Comic Con 2014. There are multiple ways in which cosplay brings people together, and one photo series is further proof of this.

Through her Malice of Alice photo series, photographer Kelly Lewis has detailed the shared interest she has in cosplay with her adopted daughter, Alice. By combining Lewis’ talents as a photographer and Alice’s dream of being a model, the two have become quite the creative pair. Furthermore, their time together has allowed one another to form a stronger mother-daughter bond.

As for the photos themselves, I’ve selected some of my favorite from the series, including photos of Alice as The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo‘s Lisbeth Salander, Carrie‘s Carrie, Coraline‘s Coraline, The Royal Tenenbaums‘s Margot Tenenbaum, and Edward Scissorhands’ Edward Scissorhands. Check out my selections below. You can find more Malice of Alice photos here. You can also find more of Lewis’ photos on her personal website here.

[via PetaPixel]

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