How many PlayStation 4s were sold in its first 24 hours?

Considering the PlayStation 4 only launched in two regions (United States and Canada), it’s an amazing, yet surprising accomplishment to find out that Sony sold more than 1 million PS4s in its first 24 hours. With the PS4’s MSRP set at $400, that’s a cool $400m the company made from Friday to Saturday alone. The international rollout will continue on the 29th in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Brazil set to launch the the vaunted gaming console with releases spreading out further throughout the world until Japan releases the console in February.

With such a strong Day 1 showing, the PS4 has become Sony’s fastest-selling console in history. It’s no surprise the PS4 found early success, thanks in no small part to its public debut at this year’s E3 where Sony CEO and president Jack Tretton praised the PS4’s innovations and lambasted Microsoft’s Xbox One policies. With a lower price tag, a clear-cut focus on gaming, and a variety of technical upgrades, both for consumers and developers, the PS4 has been predicted to take the throne back from Microsoft in this next generation of gaming.

However, Xbox One’s day to shine is this Friday, so it’ll be interesting to see how Microsoft’s PR fumbles and policy backtracking will not only affect their early sales, but Sony’s sales in the process. Unlike the PS4, the Xbox One will have a simultaneous launch in North America, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Japan on Friday, so the numbers are practically guaranteed to top 1 million across all of the major regions.

Still, I doubt that the Xbox One will be able to match the PlayStation 4’s amazing Day 1 sales. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some Spawn Beacons to set in Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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