Martin $ky Vibes Out On “Say No More”

Martin $ky is one of my favorite producers out of Chicago these days. As lo-fi instrumental hip hop has grown into it’s own genre and scene Martin has been right there making off-kilter ass beats that take you to outer space immediately and bringing a vibe that is totally unique to himself. Maybe it’s because he started off rapping, but his beats don’t get lost in their own loops like so many lo-fi beats do, he is able to keep things melodic and moving. He just dropped a full length album, Say No More via Germany’s Radio Juicy – one of the biggest names in the lo-fi scene. The project is defined by contemplative piano riffs and spacey synths with all sorts of oddball clicks and knocks that catch your ear. Clocking in at a smooth 25 minutes, the beattape gets right to the point with each of the 13 tracks leading succinctly into the next. This is Martin $ky through and through and is a great way to start his new relationship with Radio Juicy.

Stephen Kaplan