The Mexican Vigilante Battle Against The Drug Cartel

Photos by Rueters/Jorge Dan Lopez

Just south of the border, Mexico is notoriously known for it’s struggle with an out-of-control drug cartel and a corrupt police force that is increasingly taking the lives of innocent bystanders. It has come to a point where Mexican vigilantes have had to take it upon themselves to protect their land and loved ones by creating their own task force. In recent months, the number of vigilantes, locally known as fuerzas autodefensas, has soared as groups of men patrol to protect their neighborhoods and farmland using rifles and machetes as their weaponry.

This past week, in the small city of Paracuaro in Michaocan, vigilantes were tactful enough to take over a main government building after a weekend full of violence against suspected criminals, who were holding policemen as prisoners. This battle is just one of many in their fight against impending chaos.

On the scene, Jorge Dan Lopez was one of the few brave photographers who were able to capture the faces and traces of some these vigilantes. Take a look at these mind blowing photos of vigilantes who are willing to risk their lives to fight for their land, and click here to view more.

[Via Business Insider]

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