Mick Boogie

This Saturday (1.15.11) DJ Mick Boogie is our special guest at this month’s Digital Freshness.  In connection to his appearance, we started going through some of Mick’s past releases, and talking at the office about our favorite mixtapes that he produced.  Mick has worked with some of our favorite artists such as Chip Tha Ripper, Kidz In The Hall, Jay-Z, The Kickdrums, Talib Kweli, and countless others.  Pretty quickly we realized that listing our favorite Mick Boogie projects would take waaay too long.  So, we called in a favor, and asked Mick to give us a rundown of some of his recent favorites.  Hit the jump to see his picks as well as a little info on each.

Remember, Digital Freshness goes down this Saturday at Beauty Bar with Mick Boogie, Tennille, Lungz, DJ RTC, VIPJ, and Vic Lloyd.

Mick Boogie Style to the people

Mick Boogie & Stylecaster.com: Sounds From The Front Row: Fashion Week S/S 2011

Mick Says: I do this Fashion Week series with Stylecaster.com two times a year.   All the new, fresh indie rock stuff (mostly new indie rock stuff for the fashion/tastemaker crowd).  A lot of people put me in this Hip Hop box, but the truth is… in real life, I’m very far removed from that.  This Stylecaster tape is much more reminiscent of the normal day-to-day Mick.

Download It Here!

Mick Boogie x Jazzy Jeff

Mick Boogie & Jazzy Jeff… Summertime: The Mixtape

Mick Says: To do a tape with my idol… classic.  Jeff inspired me (and millions of other DJs) to get turntables in the first place.  A dream come true, for sure.  This is full of classic R&B and Hip Hop summer songs!

Download It Here!

Adele x Mick Boogie

Mick Boogie & Adele: 1988

Mick Says: Sony hired me to do a remix project for Adele’s album… to make it more dancey and funky.  Adele is a Grammy-winning, mega-British pop star.  So when Sony asked to remix her stuff with a 80’s breakbeat aesthetic, of course we said yes!  Besides who doesn’t want to hear Adele singing with Rapper Big Pooh, over a Kickdrums-produced Al Green sample?  Exactly.

Download It Here!

Viva La Hova

Mick Boogie & Terry Urban… Viva La Hova: Remastered

Mick Says: This is a Jay-Z and Coldplay approved remix project of their work… My “Grey Album” so to speak.  There isn’t a day that goes by someone doesn’t come up to me or Terry and talk about that project.  The fact that Jay and Coldplay both liked it is icing on the cake.

Download It Here!

So Ambitious

Mick Boogie & Pharrell:  Sounds Of Miami Volume 4

Mick Says:
This is a Pharrell inspired project commissioned by the Sony Ericsson Tennis Open. I always do this mix every year for the Sony Ericsson Tennis Tournament in Miami, as well as DJ their opening party.  Last year Pharrell performed, so I thought it would be cool to do a Pharrell-centric mix.  That way their party mix could also get a lot of publicity on all the blogs, etc.  It worked out well.

Download It Here!

Mick Boogie

Mick Boogie & EA Sports: 93 ‘Til Infinity

Mick Says: This project is classic early 90’s Hip Hop remixes celebrating the release of EA’s NBA JAM.  The best music of the 90s… remixed.  Loved digging and finding the rare remixes of my favorite 90’s classics.  It’s a fun listen.

Download It Here!