Mick Jenkins Hits Jamaica for “Consensual Seduction” Video

I said this a few times on twitter, but I thought Mick Jenkins’ 2018 LP, Pieces of a Man was criminally slept-on and one of the best albums of the year. With so much music releasing every week, it’s easy for incredible records to slip under the radar and just kind of… exist. For Mick Jenkins and Pieces of a Man the campaign continues today with the release of the “Consensual Seduction” video shot in Portland, Jamaica. The video showcases beaches, lounging, beautiful women, lots and lots of fruit shots, and of course, greenSLLime rolling something up in the background. Beyond the video though, this is an important message for kids (especially young men) to see and digest. The best and really the only kind of seduction is consensual, and Mick emphasizes here “I tell you to tell me what you want.” Amen, Mick. Amen.

Aside from the video, Mick also kicked off his European tour today. See the full dates here.