Microsoft pulls an Xbox One-80, backtracks from absurd policies

Independent gaming website Giant Bomb broke a news story about Microsoft turning its back on its ridiculous DRM policies for its next generation console, Xbox One. Microsoft has since confirmed their intentions to backtrack from such policies in a desperate attempt to win back consumer support, as well as level the playing field with its direct competitor and rival, Sony’s PlayStation 4.

For those not paying attention to the uproar Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement created, execs had planned on mandating an internet connection for the system as well as creating a stupid system that wouldn’t allow consumers to sell, trade, or simply share their games with others. Microsoft is now stating that the Xbox One will function much like the current Xbox 360, allowing gamers to buy and sell used games, share disc-based games with friends, and only necessitate an internet connection upon first activating the system.

It’s very, very surprising that Microsoft would be so willing to pull away from the policies they tried so hard to force upon the gaming community during their E3 conference last week. While it’s partially true that the sudden retraction was caused by consumer backlash, it’s all a business move to make money; unfortunately, some higher-ups will probably face severe ramifications for the shenanigans Microsoft had to face over the last week. Furthermore, if they can easily change face on their policies right now, who’s to say they won’t once again following the Xbox One’s release?

Then again, if you’re smart, you already pre-ordered a PS4 and won’t have to worry about such things.

[via Microsoft]

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