From the homies over at Mishka we get a new installment of their Black Bar Tees, this time a collaboration with the San Diego band Wavves.

“We all know you guys love our Black Bart Bootleg flips. Be it the Notorious G.A.R.F or our Obama ’09 tee, they’re simply some of our most inquired about old designs. We like to keep you guys guessin’ on the next time we’ll bring one out and exactly how, but needless to say it’s gotta be special. This new Black Bart Bootleg is not only special, but one of our faves to date… This time it’s for one of our favorite bands and good pals, Wavves! We mentioned when we dropped the Wavves Starter snapback that we had something else up our sleeves, and well, this is it, and seriously how can you resist? There’s Nathan (the main Wavve) toking out with a beach alien, Black Bart, and the pièce de résistance,  Chronic the Hemphog. This is a great shirt for all the f**kups, and there’s gotta be at least one or two of you out there reading this.”

Pick up the shirt at their online store.

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