As we all know Auggie the 9th has been grinding as hard as anyone in the new Chicago scene as of late, and today we get his debut project titled Peoples Court Complete. The beats chosen for the project (besides tracks 11-12) were selected by the public (hence Peoples Court), making it a true embodiment of what his fans would like to hear from Auggie. In a statement regarding his debut project Auggie stated, “I’m hella honored and greatful that people wanted to hear me rap period and really am thankful to all the support i’ve gotten through this project. This was just to get people familiar with me the next project is #SWAG which will all be produced by Stefan Ponce.” Definitely look out for his #SWAG project, and be weary for much more from Auggie, ShowYouSuck and their LOD team coming soon.

[Download] Auggie The 9th: Peoples Court Complete