[Mixtape] Calez: “G-Unit Bundle Pack”

“I told [Calez] he gotta be the coldest motherf*cking rapper in the city ’cause I’m already the hottest DJ, man,” DJ Oreo says at the end of Calez’ first track, “Ready or Not.” This bravado is what helped Calez’ emergence in the Chicago hotbed of up and coming rappers. His latest mixtape, G-Unit Bundle Pack, finds the Southside rapper rapping over old G-Unit songs. I admit, I would have put this up earlier, but I got carried away listening to this mixtape. Make sure you have the time to properly listen through these tracks, because Calez is definitely not someone you want to sleep on.

You can download G-Unit Bundle Pack here or stream the mixtape below.

Chicago emcee Calez doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Following a XXL co-sign and the release of his latest project Too Broke Tape a mere month ago, the BRKF$T CLUB spitter is back with a 5 track EP gliding over classic G-Unit production. He single-handedly silenced the rumors of signing with G-Unit and also paid homage to a classic time in hip-hop– The G-unit era. Much like many of his fans, Calez is also a fan. This quick tape known as the “bundle pack” speaks to the many diverse influences that have helped shape Calez into one of the hardest newcomers in rap.
“Them other problems I let the crew hash out//And drop G-UNIT BUNDLE PACK to bring the durags out.”– Calez (@CalezCeito)

Geoff Henao

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