[Mixtape] Doc Da MindBenda: “Welcome To The Grindhouse”

You might not have heard of the Grindhouse yet, but you’ve most likely have heard music from the Grindhouse. The house that Doc Da Minbenda built has seen a vast majority of Chicago’s best emcees come through and record at the studio, building up a highly-respected reputation and relationships that go way beyond the music. Inspired by RZA, Doc spent almost two years crafting a true local opus by gathering both legendary and up-and-coming acts, supplying them with hot instrumentals and putting it all together for a true showcase of all the talent brewing in the city. Akbar, Pugs Atomz, Psalm One, Griff, GLC, Treated Crew, SaveMoney, ProbCause, Legion Of Dudes, Martin $ky, Pavy, Onis and many more are featured in Welcome To The Grindhouse, available for free download below.


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