I’ve been close with Frank Ramz for a long long time. We both got into this whole blog world around the same time emerging as contributors for Pigeons & Planes and it was soon after that I found out the dude can flat out rap. Ever since there I switched from a friend to a fan. For those who don’t know Frank Ramz, he is a rapper out of NY who is probably is the most down to earth dude I have ever met and on top of that he is a crazy good rapper. Last year around this time if I’m right, Ramz released the first edition of “Frankenstein” where Frank grabs some of the finest beats from the industry and well straight Ramz them. He was able to turn “Racks” into a song that I could actually listen to and while I normally vow myself to stay away from freestyles over Kanye West beats, Frank did his own on “Otis.” Right down below you can grab a download/stream to Frank’s new project so enjoy that shit.

“Step into the shoes of a giant and it looks like I’m holding a fork but it’s a trident. The pen is like my sword call me King Leonidas and your life’s a fucking party Ima crash uninvited.”

Frank Ramz: “Frankenstein II”