Debut projects for musicians always present the biggest hurdle to jump over. Not only do they want to make an amazing first impression, the stress and anxiety over ensuring that first impression is up to their standards can be rough. Above all else, it seems like many artists try a bit too hard to make sure they sound good to the point where the final project just feels a bit empty and devoid of any feeling. One thing I feel most people forget about is having fun with their craft.

Listening through Thought Process, you can tell that Mo$ is having fun with his debut. Thought Process is the perfect title for the mixtape, because the rapper takes you through his own thought process as a way of introducing you to him and his style. (It also doesn’t hurt that the cover art is Adventure Time-friendly.) I’m not saying Mo$ wasn’t trying to make waves with the debut, but it seemed like he was more interested in showing everybody what he has to offer while not trying to make power moves, so to speak. For that, I appreciate him and Thought Process a lot more than I would have if the entire mixtape was just flexing.

Check out Thought Process below.