Netherfriends has been a very busy man lately. Besides preparing the full release for his 50 Songs 50 States project next week on America’s birthday, the fully improvised Kind of Buzzed series, as well as his kind of, sort of low key album, P3ACE, Netherfriends has been compiling all of his collaborations with a large number of Chicagoan rappers. Today, we bring you the full release, New CHI-t.

Featuring ShowYouSuck, Jams Dean, Auggie the 9th, theWHOevers, ELEE X, Blakkass Westley, Rich Jones, Fess Grandiose, Mig Mora, and Divino Nino, New CHI-t finds the rappers dropping rhymes alongside Netherfriends’ eclectic instrumentals and vocal features. Some personal favorites include “Numero Uno” with Chandler London and Mig Mora, “Full of It” with ShowYouSuck, “Jurassic Park 5” featuring theWHOevers, and “Frankfort, KY” featuring Blakkass Westley. The mixtape is a prime example of just how versatile Netherfriends can be with his music. The summer of Netherfriends has only begun, as the aforementioned 50 Songs 50 States, P3ACE, and subsequent Kind of Buzzed installments will be coming out over the season, too. Who knows? There might be some more tricks up Netherfriends’ sleeves.

As a reminder, you can celebrate the release of New CHI-t tonight at the Burlington Bar! Kimball House Productions has put together quite the show with Impolite Society, Fess Grandiose (happy birthday!), Chandler London, Shazam Bangles, and The Minneapolis Henrys will also be on tap to support Netherfriends. Details on the record release party can be found here. I hope you all enjoy New CHI-t as much as I do.