[Mixtape] Nylo: “Indigo Summer”

With a co-sign from Nas (yes, that Nas) last year and Mac Miller sampling her (see “Someone Like You“) on Watching Movies With The Sound Off – how are you still not up on LA – Chicago singer, Nylo? Well you need to be.

Just this past week, Nylo released her second EP, Indigo Summer, an incredible and unique seven track project, which is the prelude to her fall release, Indigo Rose. As Nylo describes it, “Indigo Summer is the reintroduction of color” and is chalked full of love entendres, “get the fuck out of my apartment and life” quips, blissful drug & sex references, and perhaps the dopest cover of  Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” in existence.

Nylo’s sound  is something reminiscent of Aaliyah in her prime but meshed with the darkness and sometimes fascination with love and sex that The Weeknd possesses.  Indigo Summer delivers a production twist with beats that are unpredictable meshed strong vocals and harmonies that are as eerie as they are captivating. For the EP, Nylo enlisted a little production help from the likes of [Grammy award-winning producer] Tricky Stewart, Soundz, Gilbere Forte, and 55 Million but she [noticably] takes the reigns on majority of the project.

If you’re not familiar with Nylo, you should do yourself the honor. Stream and download Nylo’s EP Indigo Summer below.

Indigo Summer

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