[Mixtape] SRNC: Helluva Year Vol. 3

[Mixtape] SRNC: Helluva Year Vol. 3

The homies at SRNC have put together a nice compilation, showcasing their year in music.  This is the third installment of the series.  Peep more info and the download link below.

Helluva Year started as a year end tradition for Scheme, and he has transitioned it over to be something the entire SRNC team is a part of. Helluva Year Vol. 3 contains music released by the SRNC clique in 2012. Music available by Scheme, DJ Scend, Esohel, Astonish, Clew Rock, Jamal Science, The Analyst and Ricky Dubs. The project contains features by Nitty Scott, Alex Wiley, Chandler London, theWHOevers, Pugs Atomz, Phero and more. This is just a taste of the music SRNC released as a collective this year. Make sure you check out SRNCMusic.com for full albums and mixtapes. 
We look forward to a productive 2013. Stay in tune with what SRNC has coming up next! 

Download Helluva Year Vol. 3 


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