Myanmar Photo Series by Michael Kunde

Travel photography is so amazing because it allows viewers to see a part of the world they may never get the chance to visit themselves. Depending on the photographer, each photo also represents not only a memory of the setting, but also the memory of the moment itself. Photographer Michael Kunde’s photos from his visit to Myanmar were featured on The Phoblographer recently, and he was able to give a little insight behind his photo set, saying:

“I love playing with tones and color and I’m not afraid to experiment. […] A really interesting and unique color treatment can really change the emotion the viewer is having while looking at the photograph.”

Indeed, a large number of his Myanmar photos evoke different types of emotions from an ethereal longing to sorrowful empathy. While I’ve only selected five photographs below, you can find more of Kunde’s photos on his Behance page and website.

[via The Phoblographer]

Geoff Henao

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