Naledge: Kidz On The Road Blog #32

Naledge X Vic Spencer

Just got back from Hollywood.  Really weird trip.  Eerie.  I stayed with one of my homeboys at his crib in Hollywood and it just felt like deja vu.  I don’t know if most of you are aware, but Double O and I formed our group in Los Angeles and it was our experience out there that really defined our sound.  As far as I feel like I have come, being out in Los Angeles for Grammy weekend also lets you know where you are on the totem pole of music as those awards are the pinnacle of our profession.

As we embark on trying to finish our 3rd album, I feel like I’m starting all over and that we still have sooo much to prove.  Still, it was good to soak in the sun, get in the studio and do some networking.  Shout out to Keri Hilson, Ryan Grant (Green Bay Packers), Will from Day26, David Banner, DJ Drama, Talib, Pete Rock and everyone else i got a chance to meet and/or kick it with while I was out there.  I also just did a record with Young Chris that I am anxious to let you guys hear….I must have brought some good luck with me back to Chicago because the weather seems to have improved…Now if only the Bulls could do the same…..

I want to give y’all some new music, so I want y’all to check this freestyle I got with Vic $pencer over Pharrell’s “You Can Do It Too”….

Naledge X Vic $pencer: “You Can Do It Too”


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