Naledge’s Lemonade & Crown Royal over the Gucci Mane ‘Lemonade’ beat… enjoy… Grab it here.

‘Ain’t nobody fuckin’ with the green like A.C.’

“Merry Christmas Hip-Hop, Mr. Brain has decided to gift you all with his version of Gucci Mane’s ‘Lemonade’ entitled ‘Lemonade & Crown Royal’. Anyone who has listened to Gucci Mane’s album (or at least tried) has probably noticed track 3 and it’s simple yet bass heavy beat… well i dug a little and found the instrumental and then passed it off to Naledge. He breezes through the keys and bass and ‘shit’s on n****s with his lazy raps’.  #noshots… it’s the holidays. This song will be debuted Tonight @ Funk for the Leaders Crew’s Say Your ABC Christmas Eve party featuring an open bar from 10-11. DJs for the night are Happy (GOOD Music), our good friend DJ RTC (Ruby Hornet), Ray Protege and Vic Lloyd.”