NDPNDNT – “Rock With You”

About a month ago, my students at Columbia College hosted their annual AEMMPSGiving event. NDPNDNT, himself a student at Columbia College, was one of the featured performers and delivered an impassioned set. The emcee has a lot on his mind, and I the few times I’ve seen him live or encountered him through my AEMMP class, I get the sense of a young man that is a deep thinker and optimist. Someone with many goals bursting at the seams to get things done.

On the night of AEMMPSGiving his performed this song, “Rock With You”. And though the crowd was light, he performed as the room was full, getting everyone involved in a call and response of the song’s chorus. The song is now available for the world to hear. Give it a listen and get to know an aspiring new emcee from the windy city.