Ness Heads Drops “Paper Town”

Ness Heads is back with her latest track “Paper Town”, produced by Walkingshoe and Sam Hagensick. The soft and lighthearted track showcases Ness as a multi-talented artist. It’s a continuation of her dive into emo inspired rap fusion, which started with “Flip Em” and was elevated with “Window”. This release follows up recent singles, “Window” and more notably “Freakshow,” a hard-hitting track that features Jean Deaux and further demonstrates Ness’s unique sound. 

“Paper Town” features Ness’s vocals soaring over the track, displaying her wide emotional range along with her adept ability and willingness to delve into different genres. She explains the track, “It’s a song to my significant other acknowledging that my journey with music is going to be a constant hustle and hard work. It’s basically asking them to hold it down for me while I bust my ass to get us where I want to be.” The relationship theme is consistent through her last 3 tracks, listen to them closely and you can learn the full story. 

Stephen Kaplan