Nico Segal: “You” (prod. by Nez & Rio)

Nico Segal is a true poet and one of the most talented artists in our generation. Whenever I see his name being credited on a song, I know he’ll add depth to the record and push it to be great. He seems to be that type of musicians that work towards perfection and is never satisfied with what he has accomplished. His Illasoul ‘tape still is a local classic in my eyes.

In “You”, a song he put up on his Soundcloud account a couple of days ago, Nico gives a call for action to all of us young people who are being affected by the violence in the world and more specifically, Chicago over production by Nez & Rio. Read what he had to say about the record and stream below.

In honor of my homie Rodney and the beautiful but deadly city of Chicago that i love with all my soul. last night 20 people were shot and no one is even talking about it past “it be like that” this piece was written a long time ago but i feel every word is as relevant now as it was then. please learn to love one another and stop this insanity. this one is for YOU and YOU and YOU. Rest in Peace.


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