Nikon Dedicates $17.7 Million to Finally Repair D600 Issues

Nikon has certainly let down certain  customers in a big way, more specifically, those who spent their money on the Nikon D600. The camera was plagued with oil and dust issues since its release, and Nikon did not handle the situation as one might have expected, leaving customers with cameras that were unusable. There was complete outrage from customers who bought the Nikon D600 because the company didn’t ever really acknowledge the issue or provide a solution to the problem that many users were facing.

Now it looks like Nikon is finally manning up to the problem and is going to work on either repairing customer’s cameras or completely replacing them. Nikon has set aside roughly $17.7 million to fix a problem that should have been handled earlier, and now it hopes to restore the confidence of the customers that had issues with the D600. As the company states it is “taking the matter very seriously.” You can read the rest of the statement at Nikon’s official website here.

[via Nikon]

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