Noname Teases New Album Release

Noname has been putting out hints about her next album all week, but in an Instagram post today she said “This the last picture I’m posting. Next one will be the album cover.”

In classic Noname fashion she is still keeping the release date a secret, but this makes it seem like it’s coming soon. It’s been two years since Noname put out her debut album Telefone which was a success among critics and fans alike. Telefone marked a serious step forward for Noname as an artist. For years before it came out she was an artist with a handful of tracks and a lot of dope features, coming up with other Y.C.A. kids like Chance, Mick Jenkins and Saba but when she released her album she established herself as one of the dopest MCs in Chicago. It’s going to be interesting to see what direction she goes after Telefone, a pensive album that balanced mortality and joy just like her city. Noname is one of the realest rappers because she doesn’t try to hide her thoughts and her experiences go straight into her lyrics. I can’t wait to see where she goes next.

Stephen Kaplan