Old School Vs. Now School: PNS & RTC

Old School vs. Now School 










All Natural & S.M.P. come together to celebrate the Old School & Now School Chicago Hip Hop DJ. Join us tonight as Tone B. Nimble & DJ Rude One set the table for DJ PNS (Molemen) & DJ RTC (Ruby Hornet).  We set the table by giving a bit more info on both DJs baseball card style.  Check out the stats below.



Old School


DJ Name: PNS
Djing since: 1984
Equipment: By Any Means Necessary
Crew/Affiliation: Molemen Inc.
Favorite 12 inch Single: Grandmaster Flash – Flash It to the Beat (Bozo Meko)
Favorite DJ: 33 1/3
About: Started out in the streets of Hermosa, Logan Square & Humboldt Park alongside all my writers, bangers, skaters, & punks.

Now School




DJ Name: RTC (Roosevelt Treasurechest)
Djing since: 2003
Equipment: Technic 1200’s, Rane TTM 57SL
Crew/Affiliation: RubyHornet/Brainiac Society/PHLI
Favorite 12 inch Single: Talib Kweli- “Get By”
Favorite DJ: Babu
About: Choose turntables and a mixer over a car before the start of my senior year of college.  Walked everywhere and couldn’t have been happier….



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