The Dub Below

I’m not the biggest Dub Step fan, but maybe some Outkast remixes can sway some things.  In the spirit of giving s**t a try, I present you with The Dub Below presented by our homies at SMKA and The Notes Music Group.  Says SMKA:

“If you are from Atlanta, Outkast is the most influential and creative artists in hip-hop history.  Their legacy continues to shape the creative sound coming from the south, and they have directly influenced many of the most talented artists coming out of Atlanta today.  The Dub Below is an ode to Outkast.  This project infuses some of Outkast’s most memorable records with Dubstep, a genre that has reshaped the nightlife/club scene and has begun to have a major influence on hip-hop as well.”

Hit the jump for the tracklist and download link.

Download The Dub Below

01. Black Ice X Ellie Goulding – Lights

02. Rosa Parks X Rusko – Everyday

03. Bombs Over Baghdad X Freestylers – Cracks

04. International Players Anthem X Dillon Francis – Lassitude (Remix)

05. Wheelz Of Steel X Dillon Francis – Lassitude (Remix)

06. Jazzybelle X J Padron (Dubstep Remix)

07. Skew It On The Bar-b X Dillon Francis – Swagger Jagger (Remix)