Owen crowded The Beat Kitchen last night with friends, fans, and family. For me, listening to Owen, the solo project of Mike Kinsella (of Joan of Arc and Owls), carries an essence of nostalgia, being that I’ve been a fan since I was 16.  Playing favorites, such as “Playing Possum for A Peek,” and “Good Friends Bad Habits,” Kinsella got the crowd singing along and nodding heads in agreement, thoroughly enjoying the set. The conversation between Owen and the crowd was constant. From discussing the Blackhawks rally to asking for help with lyrics, the set felt like a group effort. It’s inspiring to see such a strong bond between artist and audience.

owen record

Kinsella’s latest album, “L’almi du peuple,” which translates from French as “Friend of The People,” is to be released this week, but is streaming and can be pre-ordered here. I was lucky enough to purchase the record last night on vinyl and have been spinning it all day. Kinsella’s intimate lyrics and beautiful, highly textured guitar parts, weave in and out of each other creating a cradle of sound comfy enough to sleep in.  You’ll find the same warmth in this record as in Owen’s live performance, but with a few complimentary additions such as strings and percussion.  As of right now my favorite tracks are “Where Do I Begin,” and  “Love is Not Enough,” two of many Owen tracks that confess the tragically hilarious truths of  life as a musician, with all of its ups and downs: “Love is not enough, we need some money… may we find a place in heaven that doesn’t flood when it rains.”