Paul Reubens Re-Confirms Judd Apatow-produced Pee-Wee Herman Film

It’s been 25 years since the last Pee-wee Herman film, Big Top Pee-wee, yet rumors have been circulating for years that a more adult follow-up would begin production. As can be seen, nothing has come from all of the various announcements… until earlier this week. Appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night, Reubens re-confirmed the project, which will be produced by comedy mastermind Judd Apatow. During the interview, of which you can see a clip below, Reubens also states a director has been chosen, but the team was a week away from spilling all of the details.

This is a good sign for not only Pee-wee Herman fans, but Reubens himself. Following some controversy at the turn of the century, the actor has been busy both reprising the Pee-wee Herman character in various sketches, but also small roles in TV and films. By introducing the Pee-wee Herman character to a new generation of comedy fans, Reubens and his crew can find some success in the character’s optimism that runs counter to the majority of other popular properties right now.

[via TIME]

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