Phoelix Shares New Single “BBS”

Phoelix is definitely someone you should know by now. He has worked on some of the best albums that have come out of Chicago in the last 4 years, lending his chords and melodies to major names in the game. His own music is more experimental and thus pushes the boundaries of genre aside in an effort to create something completely unique.

His latest release “BBS” is a prime example of what Phoelix is capable of. A high tempo, metalic beat marked by dog-bark accents leads up to the initial hook. For the hook Phoelix layers vocals and drowns them in reverb, making it sound like he’s singing in a massive tunnel while keeping an almost mechanical timbre to his voice. Then he comes in with hard lyrics that keep the energy going up and up and continues to tweak out the effects on his voice. This song is a step away from the rich harmonies that we’ve come to expect from Phoelix, infact there is almost no melody outside of the vocals, but it’s not out of character for him. It seems like everything Phoelix does is an experiment that pays off. Check out “BBS” below.


Stephen Kaplan