Photographer Covers the Russian Army in Crimea

Photos by Sergey Ponomarev

On an assignment by The New York Times to cover the unrest in Ukraine, Moscow based photographer Sergey Ponomarev, found himself covering more than he expected. Within just a few days of arriving to Crimea, a very military based city, Ponomarev has been witnessing a rising number of Russian troops surrounding the area. In an exclusive interview with New York Times writer James Estrin, the photographer elaborates on the current unpredictable state of the situation, as tensions continue to grow.

However, in recent reports, 16,000 Russian troops have been deployed in the Crimea region from the neighboring territory of the Russian Federation. While provoking war and threatening to take control of the entire Ukrainian border, troops have already seized a major checkpoint. As new developments continue to update by the hour, the United Nations held an emergency meeting to find justification for Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. In this meeting the Russian ambassador reported that the ousted Ukrainian president had asked Russia to use troops in aid of supposed open acts of terrorism that are occurring in the southeast part in Crimea, due to pro-westernized ties. Following the meeting, and just a day after calling off trade talks, the Obama administration suspended military ties to Russia, including exercises, port visits and planning meetings. Other country officials are said to follow.

While reports continue to pour in, photographer Sergey Ponomarev continues to cover all that unfolds. If this article can’t explain the severity of the situation, his photographs sure will. Check out the following photos and be sure to follow his Instagram, where he shares daily photos.

[Via The New York Times]

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