Photographer Creates Surreal Images to Help Rescued Animals Find Homes

Photos by Sarolta Bán

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” –Anatole France

Pet owners understand the truth to that statement as pets often become more like family. Although self-taught Hungarian photographer Sarolta Bán is best known for her surreal landscapes, she started using her image manipulation skills to help real-life abandoned animals, from around the world, find homes or shelter, in her project titled “Help Dogs with Images”. Her approach was different compared to any other similar campaign because instead of showing these animals as victims, she turns them into delightful, admirable characters in a surreal world of her own creative imagination.

To start the project, she invited more than 100,000 of her Facebook fans to submit photos of homeless pets to transform them into touching and ingenious portraits. In just a couple of weeks, Bán received dozens of photos spanning from Spain, Argentina, India, France, Hungary, to the United States, and as a gift to future owners they are promised to get a photo of their own to keep.

Take a look at the following photos and fall in love with these precious animals that need a home. If you’re interested, the project doesn’t end until mid-April, and you could submit your photos here.

[Via Yahoo! Shine]

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