Photographer Duo Turns Annoying Potholes into Art

Photos by Photographer duo Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca

Potholes are a driver’s nightmare and with this Winter’s cold wrath, it seems that they have multiplied in cities across the nation. While most of them go unfixed, Photographer duo Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca managed to turn these annoying city potholes into works of art in their ironic photo series, “My Potholes”.

The idea for this series was inspired from their individual experience after hitting a pothole in their own neighborhood in Montreal, an experience we city dwellers can all relate to. Eventually, the idea broadened into creating various imaginative scenes within the backdrops of New York City,  Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal, where street cracks and potholes play a major role in the everyday commute. Each scene directly engages the street and the city, transforming the bad into good, creating surreal scenery while adding perspective on how we are connected and affected by the environment around us. It’s definitely an interest concept.

Check out the following photos and find more here.

[Via DemilkedMyPotholes]

Angela E. Mejia

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