Egypts Protests In Pictures

If you haven’t heard already, hundreds of thousands of people have flooded the streets of Egypt to protest the government of President Mohammed Morsi. What prompted the demonstrations was many felt that President Morsi was not living up to his duties of improving Egypt since being elected the first Democratic president in the country’s history. The solution the people are seeking that oppose Morsi being in office is for him to simply resign as president of Egypt. President Morsi has made it clear he has no intentions of stepping down, which has developed clashes between his supporters and is opposers throughout Egypt. Because of this, the Egyptian military gave President Morsi a deadline to come up with a solution to the situation. They have gone and stated that they would step in in order to protect Egypt, so now it has become a waiting game. Check out the photos below to see what has been happening the last few days in the streets. For more information about what is happening, check out the Huffington Post for live updates here.



Bobby Reys

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