Scott Hocking Photographs Detroit’s Worst Graffiti

Its not often that you see graffiti like this documented and I don’t mean graffiti in general because many have documented the art of graffiti in various ways. But when we typically see photographs of graffiti that someone took the time to document its usually huge murals, lots of color, and crazy style, you know a work of art. Photographer Scott Hocking chose to go a different route and decided to document the worst graffiti in Detroit. What he shot was pretty interesting and honestly quite amusing making you think who would write these things, but in the end the project captures someone who wanted their voice heard. Check out the photos and head on over to Vice for the rest of the set here.

[Photos by Scott Hocking] [Via Vice]

Bobby Reys

Bobby Reys is an artist, picture taker, and creative thinker. When he's not working on his personal projects or exploring he's the photography editor at RubyHornet.

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