THROUGH THE LENS: Will Robson-Scott

Earlier this summer Will Robson-Scott took to the streets of Chicago to document the cities violence in the film called Chi Raq. This film was to show people how violence has been plaguing not only the city but its people who many have come to refer to Chicago as Chi-Raq because of the resemblance to the war stricken country of Iraq. The movie is centered around those who have been affected the violence in some way shape or form. The photos were taken during filming of the movie and include the people that were featured in the film. Check out the photos and watch the film here.

[Photos by Will Robson-Scott]

Bobby Reys

Bobby Reys is an artist, picture taker, and creative thinker. When he's not working on his personal projects or exploring he's the photography editor at RubyHornet.

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